You agree definitely!

He shouts at all and sundry but especially the janitorial and clerical staff. He throws his weight around at all occasions but especially at airports, golf courses and guest houses. Age has dampened his physical capacity but not his capacity to demand unquestioned obedience to even unreasonable demands. He is usually accompanied by a woman who is either too meek to utter a word or too embroiled in her own world of fashion and beauty to say a word. His children (if around) are too indifferent to his idiosyncrasies.

The victims of his high headed behavior are fortunate for no longer can his signature seal their future, bring their families to the brink of starvation or even death or compel them to beg for his mercy at times granted at times not.

There was a time when his words were the last words which no one dared to challenge or change. His phone calls could reverse careers. When if his car was not cold enough before he stepped into it, the helpless driver would be abused and terminated. If he had to stand at the check in queue for two seconds his poor PA would be fired! Traffic rules could be violated by his off springs but rules would be bent to accommodate them. Why?

I do not know why but my guess is that he is fortunate to belong to a country that is still not able to break free the shackles of mental slavery and subversion. In that he has a role – he has kept the majority of its population backward, uneducated and ignorant of rights and obligations. Unaware of how far the world has traveled on the path of self respect and human respect… they tolerate his ridiculous merciless authoritarian behavior.

Is this man not educated, not exposed to the enlightened world? My guess is he is but so are we. Who is he? I know we know him but we the educated enlightened one do not question him. We encouragingly tolerate his Godfather like ask no questions violate all rules behavior. In authority or out of authority, he abuses our people and our religious and social values of human respect but we remain selfishly silent.

Who is to be blamed – him or us?

PS: This blog was written while waiting at the Lahore airport. It was inspired by a man in late sixties, who had stormed into the lounge demanding that he wants to sit in the business class lounge even when did not have business class ticket. He blasted the staff that refused to give him and his young wife a place to sit. Call your boss or I will send you packing away- he screamed and the staff succumbed. Why did you? I asked them later. They kept quiet but looked at me accusing? Why me – what have I done? By being a silent spectator to an issue that had nothing to do with me. I was doing the right thing- certainly you agree definitely!

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While traveling from Dubai last week, I was sitting between a BIG businessman (BB) turned politician and head of a foreign Islamic bank. Businessman sahib after having a dash of champagne in fruit juice, started talking to head of Islamic Bank (HIB) and told him that he will be gone for Umrah in early Ramazan. HIB requested him to provide the name of travel agent this (BB) uses, during flight BB switched on his cell and tried to find the number. Emirates cerw TOLD him in strong words to switch off his cell, he did. I am wondering why people keep their phones on in PIA flights and if crew tells them to switch off, they do not like it?

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