Why not you?

I am writing my dear beloved’s birthday card. I have run out of ink. The pen would not write. I get another pen. It would not write. I shake the pen but it refuses to write.

In frustration I ask what is your problem?

The pen replies replies I do not write lies?

What- I am not lying!

You are- you are writing your love for your perfect dear beloved is immense when it is not.

How can a pen make a judgement on my love for my dear beloved. My love is blind and that is it.

Should love be blind to imperfections that can be corrected?


Your dear beloved is not perfect. It needs to grow up. It needs to take responsibility.

I need not answer you but you do know that everyone in this world is against my dear beloved. Everyone only conspires to destroy my love.

By everyone you mean those who are crazy about your dear beloved like you.

Oh no silly pen! My dear beloved has external enemies. It is very resourceful. They want to take away the resources.

So resourceful that for 12 out of 24 hours its lovers like you have to complain about possible death due to hot weather. So resourceful that lovers like you curse the stoves which have no gas – at times.

This is the conspiracy I am talking of!

The thousands of children who cannot go to school- is that a conspiracy too?Thousands of people who die because hospitals are too far from them – who has conspired against them? Thousands who cannot have two square meals – external forces have taken away their food?

Pen, you do not know everything. My dear beloved has a great cancer hospital. Free treatment to many. Edhie-the one and only is my dear beloved’s lover.

Yes – your love is blessed to have them. Your love is fortunate to have you.

ME! But I am no Edhi or Imran Khan. I have many ambitions to achieve.

So your love is not immense.

Well I still live here at least when many have deserted. I pay my taxes not many do that. I abide by the law how many do that? I would vote if anyone was worth my vote. I do my bit- give charity. What else can I do? Oh yes just bought a flag, decoration plans in full swing.

Your dear beloved is cursed to have you as a lover.

Now you are being offensive.

Let me be offensive. Are you educated?

Yes Phd from a top university.

Can you influence minds?

I am my company’s prized negotiator.

Can you compel people to act on what you are saying?

On yes I am a great implementor of plans.

What is your plan for your dear beloved?

That is not for me to plan. Those who should plan – only plan to increase their wealth.

You have described yourself aptly.

I did not mean me.

To advance your career did you not use all your capabilities as a negotiator, planner, implementor, change leader to be where you are today- a rich influential executive.

Oh yes!

For your dear beloved can you not do this?

I cannot do it alone.

You have millions of people – someone has to be the first why not you?

The pen started writing.


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