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  • December 7, 2015
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I am definitely a Pakistani at an immigration counter. The green passport has to be scrutinised and questions asked. After the immigration clearance, however I can be anyone.

In Turkey I am thought to be a Turkish. In Russia I am at times mistaken as a Russian and in Brazil as a Brazilian. In Spain, everyone thinks I am Spanish. In London, I can be anyone!

I am however a Pakistani. I am constantly on a mission to live life by rules and values for how else would a Pakistani survive in this world. I carry the baggage of sins uncommitted and that makes me apologetic and confused at times.

However my travels to Russia, Brazil and Turkey have taught me lessons of national pride. I am learning to stand up logically to criticism and defend my people and their values, rather than apologies for them.

My years in Ireland taught me no matter how adverse the problem, the solution has to be found. You must laugh at yourself and learn from your mistakes.

Few months in Sri Lanka helped me appreciate a nation that has overcome adversity with a hopeful smile. My very frequent visits to Bangladesh taught me self-confidence brings success.

Dubai and Singapore were lessons in shopping as part of entertainment culture. Nepal taught me resilience even when all you have is faith.

Couple of years in London have made me a bit of mind my own business person. I can feel my words are becoming measured. My emotions checked and yet at times the emotional curious helpful Pakistani returns.

So who am I? Do not think even I know who am I. There are many like me who would face the same predicament. They are from a country, the country where they were born, learnt to live a life. Yet when the time came to live a life, they had to find that life in another country.

All they want to do is to live a life. Yet for many that is becoming hard to do. Who are they has become more important that what they are.

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