What do you say?

Bumped into a man busy on mobile. Extremely agitated, asked for an apology. He looked at me, then hard at my mobile. Walked away.

Found him rude. Later as over a cup of green tea, celebrated Pakistan cricket team victory realised I was at fault!

I was so engrossed following the cricket match score on Twitter that was oblivious to the world. I had bumped into him, not him into me.

It happens all the time! People on mobiles bumping and maybe getting run over!

A few months back, was the victim of a man’s temper loss. I was telling family and friends back home how the man was refusing to settle in his seat on plane, making me agitated. On Whatsapp as I chatted, the man continued standing up, sitting down, hitting his head, saying something. I thought he was just creating a scene which he was not.

He was terrified that due to my never ending mobile usage, the plane would not take off!

I only came to know when he started shouting and screaming at me. I switched my mobile immediately.

Why did he not say it to me politely? He did but I was too busy announcing my adventures to the world.

Talking to the person next to me on the plane used to be my favourite thing to do on a plane when I was a student. I loved listening to stories. Would end up giving some advice too but now do not remember a time when I have even said hi to the person sitting next to me.

There are far too many avenues for being social, for giving advice. Facebook is one. Allows me to comment on any issue any of my FB friend is facing or like anything for example the friend having a bad day at work!

Within 140 characters, I can socially interact with anyone in the world on anything I want to. I can clap and slap the Pakistan cricket team, the never ending road work in Lahore and the never on time PIA. Maybe none of the victims of my clap and slap will read what I write, but my conscience sleeps peacefully for I am playing my role in changing behaviours and people.

At an airport, waiting for planes especially delayed, could become such a challenge especially if you had no one to talk to or no book to read. You would try to strike conversations or borrow books. Now airports are a blessing for they give you time to concentrate much more on your laptop enabling mails to be replied and reports to be finished. Games to be played and movies to be watched.

Airports are full of people who seldom talk to one another but engage intensively virtually!

Recall the time, when getting to the airport, the first task used to be finding a telephone booth to call mom to say all is well. Now mom knows the exact second the plane took off or landed. What to say of mom, the whole world of followers know.

As I see people around me including me cling to mobiles, find it hard to recall what did we cling to a few years back. Have we gained something or lost something!

I do not know but I do know that we are losing reflection time. We read loads, watch loads, communicate loads, play loads, listen to loads but still cherish a long walk or a yoga session to assimilate and reflect.

We have many sources to get advice, vent out our feelings and frustrations but why do we still cherish a talk over cup of coffee with a sincere friend. Why are Cafes in London or tea places in Lahore still full of people talking to one another.

Maybe we cling to the mobile because this is our communication and information pathway with a global world and we cling to a friend or a walk because we all like our private world too. Maybe we have grown to be global public citizens but cannot cut off the umbilical cord of privacy.

What do you say? Trying to get best of both worlds!


Yes, this is a reality that technology has changed our lives and it has its own culture. We need time to adjust ourselves according this culture. But at the same time its human psyche to share the feelings with our close ones and spend some time with ourselves. Because one thing that technology cannot replace is feelings. we share many things with our friends on social media and interact with them also but the thing which is missing is how your feelings interact with each other.

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