Tweets from PK 757

I am thirsty. Repeatedly asking for help but PIA crew busy implementing water conservation to ensure water availability for Pakistan 2050 population of 335 million! Keep it up!

I am cold and shivering! Can I have blanket please- walk up to air hostess and get one- should I tell her to give to others- what-they must fight their own battles!

Bumpy flight but captain says he has averted all clouds! Why do I see clouds must get my eye sight checked when back!

Water_70 minutes gone. Would have gone to get a glass of water but woman next to me refusing to get up!Water saved will not be added to Indus river?

No perfume in the mini perfume PIA gift-it is empty! Who took the perfume?

Have breakfast tray but no water too exhausted to ask again!

I have breakfast but no spoon or fork to have it-what to do?

Alleged chicken nugget is mixed nugget!

I have to get water – the lady not getting up. Alright jump over her and do not look back! Vow-what a jump impressed-if I had gone to Olympics would have made Pakistan proud!

Excuse me-can I have water -am handed 2 litre bottle – vow what happened to water conservation plans!

The lady next to me gets up-asks me am I a sportswoman or a teacher. I reply no to both and she replies then how come you are good at jumping why are you not sleeping and reading books. Switch off the light.

Lunch being served. Very bumpy flight. Water makes it to glass somehow but in less than a minute is everywhere but not in glass.

Soup served. Hats off to air hostess for her persistence in serving liquid in face of turbulence. Soup left alone is less stubborn. Quickly everywhere   except where it should be!

Lunch eaten- time to land. Well timed no one gets a chance to go to wash rooms.

Heathrow- the discipline and politeness of my countrymen is worth clapping for!





Well the only way to fly in PIA is buisness/first class and even then you have to act like a snooty upper-class member who does not know anything but English………..;)

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