To blog or not to blog!

As people around me became bloggers, I did not feel left out. I very much appreciated that despite their extremely hectic schedules they had the commitment and energy to express opinions on matters they felt passionate about. I was content with commenting on their blogs and inviting them to events about which they could blog. My friends are business thinkers. They want Pakistan to have business culture and governance that attracts investment and growth.

This is exactly what I wish but if I was to blog I knew it would be for reasons something beyond better businesses. It would be for telling stories of hundreds of Pakistanis who may never make it to top 100 most powerful Pakistanis lists but would one day be influential in making Pakistan a country that we would be proud of. Through their selfless relentless efforts at education for all, justice for all, better environment, leveraging information technology for social and economic development, mentoring –eventually they would make Pakistan a country which would be a celebration of equality, justice, fair play, diversity of opinion and beliefs and peaceful co-existence. Their smallness of means would pale in comparison to the greatness of their sincere ambitions.

I knew if I was to blog it would be to share these stories of triumph of hope over adversity, of action over talk – stories, nationalities, characters that have left a lasting impression on my life – have helped me remain positive and hopeful of an enlightened future.

My blogs would inspire dreams – something I reckon in the clutter of distractions, destructions and delusions we have forgotten – nothing is more destructive than bored purposeless youth.  To blog I thus had to convince myself that the blogs would inspire dreams, nurture ideas, incite discussions, disagreement, ideas exchange hopefully leading to positive actions. They would have to be entertaining, making people smile, think out of box and positively reflect.

If I blog… would I be able to achieve all that I wish my blogs to achieve? Are my objectives unrealistic? Maybe yes maybe not. In this predicament having spent many months I have decided to give blogs a try. I may fail but that is the impossible least. I may succeed and that is a maximum must. I may never inspire anyone but I visualize I may. One has to dream, take a risk to achieve something.

So I blog …… infrequent they would be but reflection they would definitely compel.
Talk to you soon!


We can definitely do with the positive and practical outlook towards life. I am sure your effort will not go in vain because we as a nation desperately need to dream of a better future.

Dr Afra, your blog was long overdue. You represent that segment of society that has ideas and vision. Blogging is the best way to vent out and blurt out.

Happy blogging. Looking forward to reading your blogs regularly.


Congratulations on your first blog post! It get’s easier, trust me. You did a great job!

I wish you good luck in your endeavor to share knowledge and ideas that can make a difference.

Looking forward to read your blog, Mr Ashraf has rightly pointed it out, it was long overdue! You have always inspired me, it would be lovely reading about things that inspire you, interest you enough to write about those things, in short its another opportunity for me to learn from you.

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