The family Eid

Eid will soon be here. So what are the plans?

Catching up on sleep. Yawning it away. Being dragged to relatives houses. Sitting in front of TV or laptop. Partying on road with friends. Eves teasing on Chand Raat?

Is that all or anything else?

Have you had your new clothes stitched? You must be very lucky. I still do not know my clothes fate but knowing my designer my dress would certainly arrive a few hours before Eid prayers – last year my Eid dress arrived 10 hours before Eid prayers but 5 of me could have fitted in that one dress! So had to do with an old one. I really did not need a dress this year but greed I reckon?

Thus out of guilt I gave away 5 of my best dresses to a few working girls … you may wonder why? There are working places where repeating a dress or not wearing the latest fashion dress can make you socially outcast but not everyone working there has the financial means to be fashion queens and still support their families. Tough- do you know any one who can do with your good clothes? What about helping them?

Have you got your bangels and your mehndi? Are you looking forward to sheer khurma? Boring outdated traditions – yes. I used to think they were till I had to celebrate my first Eid outside Pakistan.

I missed getting early in the morning before menfolk came back home from prayers, the fun of Chand Raat, the Eidee and my family.

Who needs family to celebrate Eid? Who wants to see the old aunts and uncles and grandparents – and answer their nasty questions about studies, relationships and careers. We know what we are doing and who are they to be advising us what to do? We cannot relate to their stories of childhood and their times. Just do not have the time for family dinners and gossip and talk and the petty family conflicts.

Do you run away from your family on Eid? Why?

What are your cherished Eid memories? Mine are watching a Lollywood movie with cousins in those good old days when PTV was the only channel. Going to my village and having desi coke with my cousins and opening the coke with my teeth as there was no can opener.

Hunting chickens with my cousins and then baking the chicken for lunch. Having ten Feasts with my parents, sister and brother the Eid day Walls came to Lahore. Having parathas made by my mom’s aunt who is no longer with us. Getting a crumpled note of Rs.100 as Eidee from her with the instructions that her husband should not know of it. Going to park with my grandfather and cousins. Getting sick from over eating the yummy things made by mom and aunts.

Do you also have such memories?

Memories are my treasures now as   my sister, brother and most of my cousins are no longer in Pakistan. I sometimes wish they could be here for Eid at least and I do envy those who celebrate Eid with their complete families.  Are you one of those? How lucky you are!

Enjoy Eid with your family!



Dr Afra Sajjad
Regional Head of Education MENASA


Eid is not for showing off. The celebrations are for a wonderful Ramazan. This is a gift from Allah to all Muslims and we must celebrate it with gratitude and by including those who can’t afford.

Excellent expressions 🙂

We do enjoy Eid as I did before.I will have all my family members and a lot of cousins.The one thing i miss is the Eidi as now i get more than that .Unfortunately I cant enjoy Mehindi as I am a Male :p. I celebrate Eid in my Village with all the traditional spirit and our Eid lasts for a week.Thus I am among the blessed ones.
I had bought some gifts for my mom and siblings and looking forward to their happines as they will see these gifts.
Eid Mubarak in advance as I don’t have internet at my village.

Excellent post. The Eid does bring all the nostalgia when we were kids and the only concern which we have was a new dress, new shoes and the tit biot accessories like bangles etc. Now that the family members all scattred over the globe, I can only look forward to wishing them Eid on line, and make sure that I visit Aunts, Uncles who are here with their children away.

Good one! For me, each Eid comes with its own charm and I cannot recall any that I have not enjoyed – be it in Pakistan or outside! Even the one Eid that I celebrated in Slovenia (without any Muslim) a Hindu friend made Sheer khurma for me :). On a different note, I would personally not donate clothes with the intention of supporting the work-place culture where repeating clothes can make someone a social outcast. How about writing your next blog on, ‘why does it hurt our self-respect to say that we cannot afford something?’

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