• July 28, 2012
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 The clock ticks.

Will it, will it not?

To anguish if it does, to celebrate if it does not!

5 minutes have passed.

We are still blessed. Prayers and gratitude expressed for the mercy shown.

Another minute passes.

It is gone. Prayers and gratitude turn into curse and condemnation.

Ramadan 2012 will be remembered for the hide and seek that electricity continues to play with the people of urban areas of Pakistan. In rural areas, it will be remembered as the month when electricity was an occasional visitor.

Collectively Pakistanis flashback of Ramadan 2012 would be LOADSHEDDING. Just like flashback of RAMADAN 2005 is EARTHQUAKE or the flashback of Ramadan 2010 is FLOOD VICTIMS REHABILITATION.

Earthquake and floods were marked by incredible national unity and overwhelming scenes of spirit of sacrifice. Both were natural catastrophes. The miseries of the victims distressed. Allah however gave them miraculous strength and us astonishing fortitude.

Despite the enormity of the devastation, we as nation not even for a second gave up hope. We came together to achieve which now appears as a dream!  We, the ordinary people together built lives and villages!

Ramadan 2012 is different. The nation seems helpless in the face of extraordinary power cuts. Not everyone is blessed with a generator or a UPS.

Twice or thrice when our UPS has given in, sleeping has become impossibility.

Trying to sleep and unable to sleep, there have been moments when I have cried over my helplessness. Floods and earthquakes, I had felt empowered to do something.

Human inflicted disaster called load-shedding has left me completely wrecked.

I just cannot do anything. I cannot even think of a solution. At the end of the tunnel there is only darkness.

Day after day, the situation worsens and all I can do is pray.

The prayers however are few and far between. Most of the time the UPS ensures uninterrupted electricity supply.

With electricity in my home, I need not worry about anyone else. As long as I can sleep and blog – do I need to care what is happening to my country?

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