Skype disconnected!

I got up late.

There was no hot water.

It was raining crazy.

The driver was late.

Ants had invaded tea bags and coffee bottle.

Milk had expired.

There were no eggs.

I had to be in the office by 9 for a presentation.

It was a morning when nothing was going right. Somehow got ready and reached the office by 9.

The presentation went smoothly. The subsequent meetings also went very well.

Returned home- it was the same story again. This time the ants had invaded the food that the house help had cooked and left it on the stove.

Why did she not keep it in the refrigerator?  Did I tell her to do so?

Anyhow I had to be on a conference call which went very well.

I ordered my favourite Thai food.

Enjoying the food-a friend on Skype spoiled my dinner too.

I told her about my crazy day.

My friend is one of those whom I am very fond of but at times she hurts.  I feel like putting an end to my friendship.

She listened to the account of my day and replied serves you right.
What? I said

She did not reply – just asked. Why did your presentation go so well when you were so stressed out?

I replied- because I had prepared so hard for it- I was focused on its success.

And the same goes for your meetings I believe –she replied tauntingly.

I unwillingly said YES.

She replied – you obviously do like your work and you obviously do not like to iron clothes or make food or doing anything in the house.

I said something which I do not remember.

Her matter of fact reply though was there is not much of a difference between you and politicians.

Politicians love the authority – thus use it happily. They do not like running the country – thus do it half- heartedly making a mess of it just like you running your house.

Whatever excites you – you excel in it!

Whatever agitates you- you fail it!

I have had enough for a day.  So disconnected the Skype!


Well i got to disagree with you that “Whatever excites you. You can excel at it”.

E.g : The thought of loads of surplus cash, excites both a beggar and a wealth Sheikh businessman, but can excitement alone cant be sufficient to make people excel? IMO not.

If you look at any successful person (depending upon your definition of success from Zuckerberg, Jobs, Mr Gates to Sal Khan( of Khan Academy), Mother Teresa Or Mr Edhi which is think is another debate), you will find that one element is present in all of them i.e burning desire to do what they are doing and to succeed at it. It is not a vague wish, it is not a hope or a mere dream. It is a deep felt, motivating desire.

It is this,what takes him through the difficulties and the failures and the epic setbacks along the way. Only mere excitement wount help you make it till finish line.

So the question to ask is Do one have this desire?

PS: Secondly i would like to say ur are super lucky to have friends that dont sugar coat it n give honest n blunt advice. (Real friends like these are super endangered species these days, one should be grateful to MightOne to have them.)

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