Rain and dogs: Lahore and London

The rain in London is different to the one in Lahore. TV channels air rain news 24/7 making everyone ready for rain! Life continues. Walk continues. Umbrellas come out. There are no pakoras. No holidays. No asking the teacher to give a day off. In the absence of the Oxford street resembling river Thames it is more or less business as usual for everyone except Wimbledon and races at times.

To share with you a few sights that I am presently a witness to- a woman in her thirties pulling two big suitcases to somewhere. Try to do the same in Lahore with or without rain pouring!

Then there are two men in wheelchairs enjoying rain on a busy London street. There is no one to help them none to stare at them. A man is playing a guitar and a woman reading the Holy Quran.

A man in seventies crossing the road with the help of a walking stick- pity that his children have deserted him and in rain he has to get out of home to get milk and food- the Western society and its modern ideals. What- he walks into Cafรฉ Nero and waiting for him there is a man in mid forties – is him his son? Oh no-was I wrong? Not possible. We Pakistanis may be judgmental but are never wrong.

There is a Chinese with Chinese takeaway, a Pakistani man having wet biryani (his wife must be English not giving him Pakistani food) and then here is a man all charged to run with a dog!

I am scared of dogs of all types and nationalities. Dogs in London are however no match to the ones in Lahore. They are on a leash within a hearing distance of their owners.

The dogs that I encounter during my walks in Lahore are without owners, untamed a threat to my life. I have to carry my blackberry in the fear that the dogs would attack me and I will have to email for help my brother in Finland because he has his email always on- courtesy the free Wi fi the state provides to students.

You know once a dog had jumped on me. I had fallen on the ground and had it not been for a passer-by who had dog biscuits from Tesco with him and was kind enough to feed the dog- I would have died! He left me with a useful tip. Dogs in Lahore love to eat English food – always have something on hand from England for them. They will spare you mesmerised by made in England stuff.

This incident had impacted me so much that on another occasion when a dog had barked at me in Dublin I had climbed a pole – risking my life thankfully it was not a Wapda pole.

This Sunday in a park during my walk a dog barked – I ran into a cyclist making him fall down. I remained unscratched but he was bruised. Thankfully it was London and having listened to my apology and explanation of how traumatised I am by dogs – the man kindly went away to nurse his injuries. Imagine this happening in Lahore- I may have had to call my entire family to save me from the onslaught of the cyclist.

Where am I right now- wet and drenched having a cup of coffee sitting in the park in a corner trying to avoid a dog – I am reading and blogging. On a board is a quote- When someone is tired of London, he is tired of life.

I can say the same about Lahore – the love of my life but if only the love of my life would at times mind its own business and let me be myself at times without passing a judgment – my love for you at times would have no reason to ask questions?



I think you should be enjoying the rain in london instead of ranting about Cynophobia at 7:00 in the morning ๐Ÿ˜‰

How boring,rain must be celebrated.I suppose we don’t have rain year round, therefore we make a big deal out of it.Must have Samaosa,pakoras,Jallabies and gulabjamans.
Lots of love,

Toffi Phopphi

But u must be enjoying the windy and silence of drops falling on the ground with no dogs around ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved reading your blogs ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy the rain in London!

Very interesting picture of diversity in the cultures – It can also be inferred that in London, life goes on even if its rain, in Lahore, life stops when it rains ๐Ÿ™‚

enjoy your stay!

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