Praying for sanity

As a child, one of my many ambitions was to be a medical doctor. Hours were spent dreaming of being the superwoman performing the toughest surgery with success. Ghalib and Mir Taqi Mir intervention smashed the dreams. I hardly passed in Urdu. For days after the FSc result, life seemed as direction-less and aimless as the current plight of people in the face of doctor’s agitation.

I am an ordinary person. I do not understand politics or the complexities of the agitation.

I however do understand and feel human suffering. I do know that human loss is pre-destined but the mourners of the dear departed for years rationalise the death mainly trying to find where did they go wrong?

I recently lost my 91 year old grandfather.  He had lived a full life but not a day passes when one of us do not try to think of why he died. We know it was Allah’s will but seeking reasons for death is natural as it is to feel guilty for not doing something more for the dear departed.

When the near and dear ones of the victims of doctors agitation will seek reasons of their near ones deaths, on whose hands will they find the blood on?

The young children who lost their parents- as they grow up who will they blame for depriving them of unparalleled maternal or paternal love? The parents who lost their sons and daughters- as they age who will they hold responsible for snatching from them their old age source of support and strength?

Those who survive the trauma of doctors agitation by opting for private hospitals to save lives of their loved ones- as they pay the loans or spend a life without savings – who will they hold responsible for making their life a nightmare? Will the survivors ever forgive the doctors?

Those who may be alive but paralysed or in coma due to doctor’s unavailability-who is responsible for their infinite sufferings?

Who is responsible for doctor’s agitation?

I do not know. Truth has become blurred in the frenzy of emotions and allegations.

I do know however that the little girl who had hoped to be a doctor to save lives – shattering of her dream did not devastate her as much as the shattering of the virtues associated with the profession has.

Doctors are life saviours. How can they be considered anything else?

Why are they being considered anything else?

I do not know but I can pray for sanity to prevail. This is all I can do!


“Ghalib and Mir Taqi Mir intervention smashed the dreams”. I think this what has lead to the apathy that we now face. The passion and emotions have given way to economics. We have lost touch with the human spirit. I believe that reading literature insights passion and human values.

I guess the Doctors are faced with human suffering, pain and death on a daily basis that they have gone attuned to it. A couple of dead here or there means nothing.

I even wonder how many of us would be feeling for the people who died during this agitation. Sadly, reading about the death toll is just another statistic.

In these days, everything seems artificial. Professionals taking oath just as part of professional compliance rather than by heart. Therefore,they are sometimes negligent to their ethical stance, as a result we have to face unbearable loss.

It is said that, “when a doctor makes mistakes a family will cry and when an auditor makes mistakes world will cry”.

Let’s promise, we will not let anyone to cry.

May Allah help us all.

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