Pakistan Wins!

So you won. And I won.

When you lost, I lost.

When you thundered, I laughed.

When you blundered, I cried.

When you persisted, I hoped.

When you had your U-turns, I despaired.

I do not remember when you transformed from my most favourite cricket hero to my leader.

I remember when you became worthy of my vote.

It was 2013.

In voting for you, I declared my support fo you.

You lost and Pakistan won.

A Pakistan that was willing to challenge the status quo.

Pakistan had its apprehensions. And you gave Pakistan many reasons to have reservations.

You are resilient and impulsive.

You have principles and you compromise.

You are determined and you deter.

You are disciplined and distracted.

You are incredible and unpredictable.

Your decisions encourage and discourage.

You are perfect and imperfect.

And yet with your perfections and imperfections, millions chose you as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

For you are Pakistan.

Pakistan that is tenacious torn between an imperfect past, a hopeful present and an undefined future. At times it yields and at times it persists. At times it despairs and at times it is  confident. It is resilient all the time though.

You are the same Imran Khan.

Hope always is Allah. Yet many think you are our last hope.

Expected are overnight miracles. You may say this is not fair.

Fair or unfair, expectations unfulfilled create disillusionment.

You have made a nation believe in itself.

You have made a nation aware of itself.

You have made a nation politically astute.

In your resilience, the nation has hoped for excellence.

You have inspired dreams, many impossible to even achieve.

And yet why do I believe you may achieve them.

For it you do not, to visualise a nation in despair is to have a life without a life.

Let the celebrations continue. Let the hope live.

Logically peaceful, prosperous, perfect Pakistan is unthinkable.

Logically Imran Khan as the Prime Minister of Pakistan was unthinkable.

It was the craziness of dreamers.

And the dreamers won. And the logicals lost.

Imran Khan has made many dreams unthinkable achievable.

Today he faces his biggest test.

When he wins, Pakistan wins.

If he loses, Pakistan will persist but will it be the same.

Without hope, is life a life?

So Imran Khan, this may be the last innings of your life.

You have been a winner forever. This inning has to be victorious.

May Allah help you and us and may Pakistan always win.

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