No school – No dengue?

Rain rain as much as you can!

Mom we cannot afford more rain.

We can afford anything – we have billions in accounts worldwide.

Mom already rain has proved catastrophic for us.

Where when?

What- do you not know?

Oh God! Why did  you give me catastrophic husband who gave me hazardous kids?

Mom relax just pray it does not rain.

No it must rain.

But mom if it rains we will die.

Why will we die – I do not want to die before owning a Hermes bag.

Mom do you not remember what happened last year

Yes very much dear son – I found you in the slums of Mardan with damsels of Sarhad.

KP mom.

KP – too modern a name for Paindu Pathans province.

Speak low – the driver and security guard are next door – they have feelings.

You and your sensitivities – got me to nervous breakdown.

Mom – I respect you a lot.

Wish you had done it when you were flashed on TV feeding Chicken biryani and Zarda to Mardan beauties- embarrassed missed my committee party & Soomy Shah wedding.

Mom I was trying to help flood victims – men and women included.

Let us not argue but pray for more rain – rain rain rain.

Mom – why do you want us to be destroyed. No one is willing to help us even.

Us and help?

Mom flood victims would need help and international community will not bail us after what we did to their money last year.

So US WE – by all this you meant flood victims! – I am not a flood victim stupid boy – oh rain rain rain or I will have to go to London for counselling.

Mom phone from Auntie Prettie

Oh Prettie will not be able to come to Tidi’s diamonds exhibition. Get me a solitaire will send you money. So tragic!

Wish I had kids glued to Facebook, Play station, girl friends, parties and Katrina’s movies like yours – my disobedient sons need to be guided against eliminating poverty through social work.

What Nini has dengue. …… Oh rain rain rain so temperature falls machars die dengue go away and I become kids free and my friends dengue death free rest I do not care. The country can drown Obhama will bail us out.

Ma rain water causes dengue

Oh you … Rain rain rain no no rain go away not to come back till we have CM Shahbaz who thinks No School No Dengue?

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Alas! Such is the insensitivity of our so called social elite.Little do they realize how the poor are barely able to survive.Little do they care why the funds for flood relief not utilized to prepare at least few storm drains.But they do care that their own family is protected. On a lighter side…..loved the bit about catastrophic husband and hazardous kids.

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