May Cricket Win!

You know you are not happy. You know things can be different. You want to change things but you cannot. You can either accept things beyond your control and act as if nothing has happened or you can resent the situation. If you resent you become angry frustrated person. If you accept the situation you live with a smile.

Behind that deceptive smile is an internal agitation,resentment,anger that you suppress by laughing appearing brave. There are many un-shed tears that over a period of time can be lethal but you want to show the world nothing has happened.

Then one day the situation changes and takes a turn for the positive. What you wanted happens. Tears flow down your cheeks. World thinks those are tears of joys but you know those are the hidden tears- as they flow you realise in acting brave you have caused yourself some pain.

Maybe you would have been better off being an angry person but no- you were the optimist your optimism was source of hope and maybe the reason for change. You thank the change agent with words that you struggle to find just like I do not have the words to thank Bangladesh cricket team for agreeing to visit Pakistan.

Bangladesh – do you know all these years when no one wanted to visit us I pretended we were better off without any cricket in my country. But every time I passed the cricket stadium something within me died. I did not want to accept it.

But I found myself questioning whether one of the harshest punishment suffered by Pakistanis has been the international cricket ban.

Memories would come flooding when Pakistanis cheered Indian victory on their soil, applauded Sri Lanka as the world champion, sympathised the beginning of the decline of West Indies, gracefully accepted the victory of Australia in the World Cup semi final of 87. By all means what happened to the Sri Lankan team was to be condemned but maybe the punishment has been too long and harsh.

But now it is all past. One must not remember the past except to learn from its mistakes when the opportunity to positively change the past is given.

It is time to welcome the Bangladesh cricket team, to cheer them and us, for new records to be made. Importantly hopefully as always it may be cricket that would help Pakistan come out of its isolation and how fantastically fabulous it is that Bangladesh is the country supporting Pakistan to do so and that also in Pakistan’s beloved city of Lahore.

Lahore-this is your chance to show your historical hospitality and contemporary enlightenment. Celebrate cricket!

I know you will do it pity I will not be there to see a dream come true. To see the passion of Pakistanis return to the passionate city of Lahore.

May the best side win but more importantly may cricket win!

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