Love you Ma!

Love you Ma- do not like the food – can I have French Fries please?

Love you Ma- I am fainting – can we have lunch at KFC?

Love you Ma – you are the best the most beautiful – can I please have an Ice Cream Ma?

Love you Ma- I cannot understand algebra – you are the most intelligent person in the world – can you help me please?

Love you Ma – you are the world’s best mother – you never get angry – Ma broke the vase in the living room!

Love you Ma more than anyone else in the world – can I please borrow your red earrings for the dinner today?

Love you Ma- you should have been a designer – can you take care of my summer clothes please?

Love you Ma- the dress was a super hit! How do you do it?  Can you do another one?

Love you Ma- where is my mobile?

Love you Ma- I am getting late – cannot get my hair done – can you help me?

Love you Ma- your smile light up my life – I will be late at work- cannot go with you to the doctor but you do not need me.

Love you Ma – for this birthday can I have an I Pad please?

Love you Ma – but when will you learn how to Skype – I have a lot of work to do – cannot be helping you with it forever!

Love you Ma – had it not been for this conference paper – would have gone out shopping with you! But you do not need me you are the expert.

Ma: over the years my expression of love has changed but my demands have not. I love you for fussing around me. I love you for worrying about me.

Life is so busy. I hardly get time to even say I love you. You understand Ma- I need to make a name for myself. You taught me to conquer the world I am doing it. I am sure you understand.

Yes dear I do understand just like I understood your tantrums during the exams – your silence during major projects – your unsaid desires-the apprehension in your eyes whenever something is disturbing you.

I have always understood and always will – only at times wish you can understand my desire for you to be there for me some of the time as I am there for you all the time!

Love you Beta!

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