Is it a tablet?

Have a tablet.

But I do not need one.

What everyone is aiming for a tablet.

But not me. I am fine.

Everyone else is fine too but wants a tablet.

Maybe they need it but I am fine.

You will be great, brilliant if you have a tablet.

But I am already great.

The world will be at your feet.

It already is.

Reading will become an extra special experience.

But it already is. How will taking a tablet change it?

You will have thousands of books with a click.

But tablet and thousands of books – what is the relationship?

Alright friend, forget books just have a tablet for a change.

But I am fine without a change.

Ok have tablet to have a painless experience of getting a hand on to better cooking tips. Your husband will love you for it!

My husband already loves me. Cooking is not that much of a painful experience that I have to take a tablet.

Ok friend, you want your children to grow up as better human beings.

Yes of course.

You want to know how to do it painlessly.


Take a tablet, it will open your mind to a whole new world of ideas on child upbringing that produces future Steve Jobs!

My mind is already opened, do not need a tablet.

My friend, you are proving to be a hard nut to crack today.

Dear friend, you are not being your normal rational self today.

I am your well-wisher.

A well-wisher does not force a tablet when it is not needed.

I have been worried for your health.

My health!

You miss not being in touch with people as much as you used to be when you worked.

Yes but how can a tablet help.

With a tablet you can be in touch with millions of people around the world, you can write, inspire, excite just like you did in your previous job.

Will a tablet help me do so?

Yes definitely my dearest friend!

Which one?

Your choice! You have to pay for it.

My choice- money that should not be an issue, pain killers are cheap.

Pain killers!

You said I need a tablet.

But I did not say a pain killer!

So what is it then – some new tablet? Tell me please!

Tablet….I mean Samsung Tablet or an I Pad!

What….is I Pad a tablet?

Yes it is.

Since when for I have one and it does not ease my pain as well as Rs. 5 Ponstan does.

Dr Afra Sajjad
Regional Head of Education MENASA ACCA

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Extremely well written portrayal of an ignorant person like me,who is trying to be in touch with so much information exploded every nano second in the web space and …..yet……refuse to be a slave of Tablet đŸ˜‰

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