Imran Khan: You or Who?

I made you my super hero when I did not even know what super hero was. You were my identity before my country became my identity. An identity I was very proud of. When in Pre 9/11 world, not many knew of Pakistan- they knew of the handsome, strong minded and strong willed cricket captain.
You gave me many moments of absolute ecstasy and then came the incredible moment. The World Cup lifted – my national pride elevated to heights unknown. As I decided how to celebrate- dance, cry, laugh, pray,study for exam next day – you demanded a reward for services rendered – a cancer hospital in your mother’s memory in your dear Lahore.
Oh yes-why not? Anything for you.  Readily happily I had given all I had in my money box to become Imran Khan’s Proud Tiger.
The pride of your Tiger today is in Intensive Care Unit on Oxygen. The Tiger days are filled trying to dismiss disease, disorder,discord, deprivation depression? Nights are spent sleeping sedated by memories of victories earned by you and daunted by dreams of doom.
I am getting old. My memory is fading. Besieged with recent innumerable memories of national devastation, demolition and deaths I struggle to remember the moments when you made me feel proud as a Pakistani.
You have always asked for my support, my money, my prayers and my patience but today is my turn to ask you for deliverance. I do not want to die as a cursed Pakistani. I want to flash my passport on airports rather than hide it in my pockets.
People talk of your shortcomings- arrogant, introvert, authoritative, your past. You do not have a team. They do not know of your manifesto. They doubt that given your inexperience you will not be the Prime Minister my distressed Pakistan needs.
But what should I do. The teenager within me cannot let go the moments when out of deep despair my favorite Khan would carve out victory leaving me a proud Pakistani.
Can you not do the same now? Can you not lead us to prosperity and progress. You always had critics but you always proved them wrong. Impossible it is to turnaround Pakistan but you have always made possible impossible.
You were my hope then you are my hope now.


Though i enjoy reading your each blog but this one is really worth reading.Imran Khan is our nation’s hope and majority supports him but yet a long road to his GOvt.

When I was reading this blog I could very well recall the jubiliant days when Pakistan won the world cup and the pain and despair which each conciencious pakistani is feeling today…..with the Zardaris,Mians, Bhais, Chaudhris,Shahs,Mirzas at the helm of affairs..some times waging bloodshed against each other and then embracing each other for their own vested interest,..its only Imran Khan who appears like a silver lining in the darkest clouds of despair,and a possible support against the fathomless pit of destruction where we are headed for.Excellent portrayal of the feelings of millions of us ..the quiet majority

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