I am sorry!

You need to forgive me. I have never meant to hurt you and I have hurt you. I am sorry.

You remember when you had jumped at me as I had entered the house. You had me scared screaming. You looked so dazed but did you not realise that I had walked inside the house and there was a storm outside. The driver had escaped an accident. Your house I was visiting and I wanted to look proper. You jumped, I lost balance and fell down. Instead of helping me get up, in a daze you had started jumping around me. I had started screaming but you did not want to help!

The in the pitch darkness when I was walking back home, you had come from behind and shocked me. Screaming I had collided with the pole. I was knocked off and you decided to walk away.

That day in the park. All I wanted was few moments of enjoying the sun and you did not let it happen. Wherever I went, you followed me. Sometimes you stared at me, sometimes you followed me, sometimes you smiled at me, sometime you tried to hug me, sometimes you tried competing with me. I was only walking briskly for I was running away from you.

Then today at the traffic lights, because of you I had to go for a walk of the shop nearby as you were refusing to make space for me and I was too scared of you. That day in the bus, you decided to come and sit next to me. Maybe you did not realise that I missed my bus stop because I had no courage to walk in front of you and when I tried to do so, you decided to walk with me and I got scared and sat down. Then you started barking and I thought I would have a heart attack.

Yes, to all the dogs who throughout my life for no fault of them have made me feel miserable, I have to say to you I am very scared of you. Please try not to be friendly with me for I cannot be friendly with you.

So please try to have your way and I will certainly have mine.

I am sorry!

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