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It has been a bitter-sweet week.

It started with Asad Umar’s startling decision to leave Engro Corporation and join PTI.

Ever since, I started working in Pakistan I have followed Asad Umar- the CEO who gave the word dynamic a Pakistani dimension by taking Engro Corporations to heights unknown to Pakistani companies. He came across as a true visionary- a person whose speeches inspired actions.

Recently his writings and speeches reflected a dilemma – it was evident he was looking for frontiers beyond Engro.  Reading and watching his thoughts; I wondered whether he aimed to be a politician.

I have to confess I never thought he would join politics. I am one of those many highly educated middle class professionals who do exceptional things that make them believe that what we they are doing is making a gigantic difference to Pakistan. No one deserves our vote because no one thinks as imaginatively and passionately as we do for Pakistan. Recently we have found a hope in Imran Khan and proudly declare we will vote for him, be his party members by sending SMS, follow him on social media  but nothing beyond it – politics are not for spotlessly clean people like us.

To me Asad Umar was one of us – the tribe leader. His announcement to abandon the tribe left me pathetically stunned. How could he desert us? Was he not making a difference by talking at conferences, writing pieces and doing his bit with Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives at Engro? He was.

Hmmm… ….. .do individuals make differences or do institutions make differences? Does individual excellence change national destiny or do individuals coming together as a nation change national destiny?

I do not know but somehow I feel like saying Asad Umar- well done!

Well done Imran Khan too on leading the incredible public gathering in the naturally mesmerizing city of Quetta. Pakistan stood tall on that rainy day in Quetta.

I could have watched your speech, the enthusiasm, the energy for hours on end but alas – as typical of life as a Pakistani.

Moments of happiness were crashed by the devastating Bhoja airline crash and the subsequent shocking reporting of the crash. Imran Khan – as you said it was a bitter sweet day – from the joyful public rally to the sorrowful public outpouring of intense grief.

I sat dumbfounded knowing fully well tomorrow will be another day –Pakistanis would bounce back once again and they did. A dear highly accomplished friend of mine (whom I know will prefer to remain anonymous) called to say she is moving from Lahore to Swat to set up a school for under privileged children.

Incredible for a lone woman to think of living in Swat but she is keen to do it.

People like her need to go Asad Umar way- think big- make Pakistan big in my lifetime Insha’Allah!

As for me- prefer to blog- it is making a difference? Hits are increasing!

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I loved the way you expressed the mind set of the highly educated, middle class professionals with regards to politics! The ‘surprise’ element in this blog had me laughing my head off.

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