Happy Father’s Day

Baba, I am scared, can you sleep in my room today please. 

Yes I will!

Baba, I saw a bad dream, cannot sleep, will you sleep in my room.

Yes I will my dear!

Baba, I cannot do this ride, too dangerous. I will fall.

You can do anything in the world! Just do it, I am here if anything goes wrong.

Baba, cannot understand the theorem, who made these no relevance to life theorems.

Let me help you, they are easy, you are so intelligent.

Baba, pray for my exams, if I do not do well mom will be upset.

You have my prayers, you always do well but love to fret.

Baba, am getting late for school. Driver is not here.

Come, I will drop you.

Baba, am getting late for meeting, where is the driver!

Do not worry, let me be your driver today.

Baba, can you tell the driver to come tonight at 1, have a flight at 330.

It is late, I will drop you.

But you cannot always be getting up in the middle of night to drop me. I travel the world on my own.

It is fine. If I do not drop you, will have your mother up the whole night.

Baba, this conference paper, just do not think will go down well, please pray.

Will do, my dear, can I have your itinerary please.

Mom has it, why do you need it? She worries, you are strong.

Just wanted to keep a track of you.

Why is mom not picking up the phone, wanted to tell her my flu is better.

Good to know that, I was so worried.

Baba, you worried, since when have you started worrying.

I am getting old, my dear.

Old and you, never. Come on, do not sound like mom.

Fathers in the eyes of daughters never get old. The man, who they fall in love with the moment they can hold their finger, remains their super man, ever young, ever handsome. No one can take his place. Important men in lives have to be like him.

Fathers cannot worry for that is for faint hearted mothers to do. Fathers cannot be anxious for they give daughters the self-confidence that enables them to achieve success. They are the pillar of support, strong and steady even though in acting strong, they may have many fears and concerns that if shared can shatter a daughter’s fantasy world that her father is the strongest of all.

When a father hugs a daughter, she knows she will be protected and cared for always. Even if she knows, she pretends not to know that with time, the hug gives more strength to the father than to her for the eyes under the influence of old age yearns for the sight of the beloved daughter and the hug is an assurance she will be there as strength fades of her Superman.

You will never be old! Happy Father’s Day Baba!

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