Followers: guide me?

I have a confession to make. I am fixated with twitter. One of the first things I do in the morning is to go through my tweets. I do the same at lunch time or when I am stuck in the traffic or waiting at the airports. It is one of the last things I do before going to bed.

Why? I hardly have time to read the newspapers or watch news on TV. Twitter keeps me updated on what is happening around the world. I have a few interests but hardly any time to follow them actively. Twitter lets me passively follow my interests in sports, music, movies, history, current affairs, dramas and books.

It allows me to express my opinions and share information. Its word limit is a bit strict for a person who loves to write endlessly. I am however learning fast to be concise and relevant in expression of thoughts- courtesy twitter.

I love learning but hardly have time for workshops or reading hard copy books and reports. Twitter has introduced me to e-learning and e-reading.

There are certain people I would love to meet to be inspired by them but cannot. Twitter thankfully has let me be inspired virtually by these people.

I have made new friends who are called followers on twitter. I have approximately 175 followers- 95% of them I have never seen but they follow me.

Why – because maybe they think my tweets are informative. May be it shapes their opinions or discussions. Maybe they influence their actions. Maybe my tweets inspire them.

Today however I need inspiration. I am feeling powerless. I need my followers help.

So you follow me? Thus I am a leader? I can shape your minds and inspire you to actions.

Do I have any influence over you?  Am I accountable to you? What is this accountability? Do I have any responsibility towards you? Can I mislead you through my personal biases and prejudices? Can I misinform you through presentation of facts and figures that serve my biases and prejudices? Can I misguide you to commit actions that are contrary to national and public interests?  Do I have to follow any morals or ethics? Do I need to listen to you?

Can I lead you to anything I want you to do?

I need your help-please guide me.



Actually we are similarly responsible for our words and ideas on social networks (say twitter in this case)as we are responsible in real world (in face-to-face conversations).

Unfortunately, about the moral, ethics and accountability questions you raised? I think Afra this is where social media limit itself. you can just see your 175 followers and devising one single PRINCIPLE/RULE for everyone might not be appropriate.

In real world, your accountability, ideas, prejudices varies from person to person (depending on your relation with them) and you know ‘when to act what’. That’s relatively easier.

But twitter won’t allow you all these luxuries (especially when you don’t know 95% of your followers (Its just like speaking with a crowd you don’t know).

It takes a brave soul to admit feeling powerless, and still be standing, Afra! Well done! It’s like the first of many steps in the growth of a blogger.

I guess more important than knowing why people follow you, is knowing what you have to offer to them. There’s only one you, the knowledge-creator, and a lot of them, knowledge-seekers.

Regardless on which social media platform, your trade and skill should stand out. Just like in the real world, followers seek inspiration and knowledge. Because I know your personally, you are my go-to person for all things in the Financial and Eco Accounting world. If you can figure out how you wish to package your online persona, you’ll be able to offer your followers (and potential followers) a great deal of value and reasons for following you.

But stand tall (even though you are a LOT taller than myself!), because you’re on the right track!

I have not read this blog but listened to your inner voice Dr Afra. That pleases me that you are amongst those who reach a certain level in life or attain a certain Goal and have some good status in society, eliminate the element of learning and improving but you are not amongst them Ma sha’Allah.

I have into E-World since long communicated with lot of people through this E-World but honestly speaking i found it the most expression less medium unless there is some exception.

Person to person, face to face interaction is the main source of learning ever. Just take the examples of artist, scholars, scientist and professionals in all the field were in direct conversation with people. Were they not better than us ? they never had these social media facilities still they have significant role in history. In every relevant book there name is written.

The soul of learning lies in the direct interaction with people. You may get knowledge by going through status updates and tweets but you cannot reach the point to learn the soul of the message as there is lack of expression in the messenger.

People’s gestures, face expressions, shaking hand actually inspires you and help you reach the soul of learning.

Please don’t mind but people just follow you because they have the access to follow you (on twitter, facebook) but what about the rest of the world who really needs the intellectuals like to get interaction with them ?
I guess you are accountable more to them.

To learn you have to listen. To get knowledge you can hear. Which is not enough may be not even sufficient.

Express your views as you feel should be expressed.Most of social media users do not follow everyone fully.They just need more information about certain things .One can hardly misguide internet users as they have many option to check whether the tweets are true .
If you start caring for others ,It will be very hard to express yourself.
Be yourself.

You only have to follow your own ethics and morals Afra. Since I know you personally, I know that your followers are in good hands! They are lucky to have found you.

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