Family Eid!

I have never felt bored at Eid! Not when the only attraction of Eid was Rs.10 Eidee or now when the attraction is to catch up with family or friends.

There is always much more to do than the time permitting. Sleeping through Eid is an unthinkable option.

Why is it?

Eid is a festival that requires presence of people to be enjoyed. Happiness is to be shared, can hardly be enjoyed on one’s own.

Remember the cricket matches that Pakistan won. The joy multiplied when the match was watched with family and friends.

Remember receiving news of a promotion or a good academic result. Did you not feel an urge to hug someone and share the news?

The urge to share good news has always been there. We live in an age where the platforms for sharing joys and griefs are many.

Facebook is one. You post a status update and receive hundreds of congratulation messages and Likes. You can spend hours reading and exchanging messages.

The entire Eid day can be dedicated to wishing and receiving Eid greetings on Facebook.

But is it the same as sitting with your grandparents or parents or uncles and aunts sharing what you are doing in your life, listening to their experiences of life and childhood stories of Eid and other festivals?

Is the joy of receiving a compliment on your dress or looks or having a family Eid lunch not far more than getting a like on your comment?

Visiting old relative is a boring ordeal, yes? Getting up early in the morning is a nightmare, yes?

Yes till you get mature enough to miss all those ordeals. Then you wish to go back in time and do all that you missed but it maybe too late.

My grandfather died this March. Except for those years when I was abroad I did spend most of my Eids at his place yet I regret all those times when he had wanted to talk to me for five more minutes but I had a movie to watch or a friend to call or a book to read or lately a Twitter or Facebook to keep me engaged!

Wishing you a blessed family Eid!


may Allah raise his darjat in Jannah.

In my opinion we in general dont appreciate all the blessings that we have, n started to take all the things for granted in our life(big n small alike)

To put it simply we gave became ungrateful. Its only when its too late and we loose something that we realize its value.

Our lives have became too fast and busy, we are constantly chasing something, and mostly when we get there we have already forgotton why we were chasing it in the first place…..but by that time there’s already another thing that we have to chase.

May Almighty grant us all the oppertunity to reflect upon all the blessings in our lives and do “Shukkar” (gratitude) for them . Ameen

Hope you had a great time with family on Eid

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