Excellence minus energy

We all aim for excellence in whatever we do. Our pursuit for excellence is aided by energy- internal and external.

Students generally work very hard for exams excellence…but in this part of the world exam excellence is usually minus energy?

Shocked, stunned- excellence minus energy – impossible!

Do you not know of students who minus energy achieve electrifying honours?

No? Yes?

Well I do!

I very clearly remember the time when I was a student. That was a long time back. Several times I used artificial source of energy called Candle Light.

Several times in the middle of the night studying hard for the exams in the candle light I used to dream of a day when everyone would have energy called ELECTRICITY!

Just dreaming would be a good enough reason to study hard enough and make my dream of energy for all come true.

All the hard work minus energy (most of the time) paid dividends. I was lucky enough to go for studies to a land that had limitless energy thus making me strive for unlimited excellence.

Excellence did come but my dream of energy for all has still not come true.

Decades have passed but nothing has changed… or maybe it has… for worse?

Even today for millions studying for exams dear beloved candle light is salvation. Some have generators and UPS but majority toil hard in candlelight to achieve individual distinctions, first-class grades, top notch universities, world class careers. How?

I do not know.

Maybe deprivation breeds determination above par excellence minus energy!

Stories of individual excellence are surplus but what about my dream of surplus energy for all!

Maybe one day our collective excellence can bring energy for all – visualise that day – if minus energy world class individual excellence has been attained, plus energy what standards of collective excellence could be set?

Just dream and plan and work the plan!

By the way is energy i.e. electricity visiting your place – if so please do send it to my place a.s.a.p. I have run out of candles.


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This one totally caught me by surprise. I had no idea what the blog would be about when I started reading it. You have made a brilliant point here!

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