Dreams: unlimited


Shahid Khan Afridi -in bidding a conditional farewell to you, I am tempted to draw parallels with a man you idealised – the legendary captain and player Imran Khan.

You are the embodiment of today’s Pakistan – self destructive, self contradictory,  crying conspiracy, yet immensely talented, gifted and emotionally energetic. The potential to achieve wonders is tragically inhibited by myopic vision and self limiting beliefs. You could have been Pakistan’s second World Cup winning skipper had you dared to dream beyond the semi-final.

Wish you had turned to history – how your super hero Imran Khan had inspired the down to dumps team to an impossible stunning World Cup victory. Between despair and celebration the decisive factor was one man’s obsessive ambition of  relieving the sufferings of thousands of cancer victims of his country.

Afridi – you would argue you were not driven by any such obsession but if you had the vision, focus, discipline, rational patriotism of Imran Khan you would have realised at stake was not the World Cup but the future of Pakistan.

Had you lifted the World Cup in India, not only would have millions of tragedy struck people danced and laughed endlessly, inspired by the reality of an ordinary Pakistani from a mediocre background lifting the World Cup, they would have positively changed Pakistan. They would have at last believed that if we rise above the challenges, politics and so-called conspiracies we can make Pakistan the country we would be proud of.

You blew it all – but you do have a chance of redemption. You owe it to the common Pakistani to come back overpowering all the obstacles and then win each and every game and score a century in each and every game. The next World Cup has to be lifted by Shahid Khan Afridi.

Impossible – but then everything you have done in retrospect has been impossible   – so like a true hero dream on unlimited and do the impossible for the sake of the country that loves you blindly and give them dreams unlimited!


Nice stuff! I was at the US Chamber event yesterday where Asad Umar was invited. He talked about Pakistan Business Council’s National Business Agenda. We need reforms in the sports sector too 🙂

you may consider it as another conspiracy theory but is it possible that Shahid is fed up due to the influence of politics and betting on Cricket? lost hope and decided to retire?

BTW, I would like him to join yet another battle more supreme than the one he has been into all his life and that is to bring reforms in Pakistan like Imran Khan. May be join his party and come in Politics so no other worldcup could be traded on the table.

U know i don’t like afridi, and i don’t buy any of the products he promotes, like head and shoulders, tiger biscuits whateverrrrr. reading both your blogs i don’t think you can take the murree mall boy out of AfridiL:(

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