Cricket and Colombo

Colombo breathes cricket. It anticipates a victory that has evaded them.

If it does not win then?

I do not know but if it was Lahore and Pakistan would have been playing T20 final I could have predicted behaviours both post victory and post loss.

In victory we would have set new benchmarks of ecstatic celebrations. Dance, songs, drums, motor cyclists speeding and blowing horns, sweets being distributed. In defeat we would have set new standards of destructive mourning. We would have set effigies of players on fire, would have stoned their houses and cars.

This is what we are. Till the going is good we act good. We honour those responsible for the good – elevate them to grandiose unimaginable. When the going is bad we act bad. Such humiliation is inflicted on perpetrators of the bad going that their lives symbolize gloom and doom. Some give up leaving the country, some remain resilient but their resilience is tested severely.

I do not know who is to be blamed for our behaviors. Any achiever among us lives continually on precipice. Knives are Out to stab them if they err slightly. We behave as if by ridiculing our heroes we are showing our superiority. Just fail to know why are we like this. To be blamed is our education system, our upbringing or the socio economic conditions.

As usual I look for reasons and solutions – maybe I have both but just fear prevents me from recognizing them.

Colombo around me is buzzing with cricket fever injecting several gallons of energy, hope and enthusiasm in me. Colombo is one of my favorite cities for it makes me dream of enlightened energized emphatic Pakistan that I hope to see before I die.

Even in defeat, Sri Lankans would smile and remain professionally graceful.

A victory would invoke graceful celebrations and that is what I am sure of today.

Good luck Sri Lanka!

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