Imran Khan (2)

I do not know!

Long March he declared! And I cursed him discreetly for hours.

Why can he not live and let live? Why can he not govern KPK dedicatedly and let others govern Pakistan as they want to? If only he could make KPK a paradise of peace and prosperity, the writing on the wall is the present rulers would fail and he can win by a huge margin the next time.

Give up Imran Khan. Do not dig your grave. In vain I hoped he would be arrested, something would happen for the March not to take place.

Nothing happened and he marched on. The crowds were astounding but how would he sustain interest. I wanted him to stop the madness.

Why can he not have common sense?

As I tried to answer the question, for once I started questioning my common sense. What was he demanding? A vote recount! Why, because he thinks elections were rigged. So what, if they were rigged?

Flashed in front of me the Magical May morning when I had seen people of all ages and groups, voting for Imran Khan. In their eyes I had seen dreams. After decades Pakistanis like me had woken up from their coma to cast a vote for a change.

I recalled the day after, when at Lahore airport I had seen people who had come to cast their vote from all parts of the world crying for the change dream shattered. I remembered the Pathan taxi driver in Dubai who had wanted to commit suicide after PTI lost the elections and will only come to Pakistan when PTI forms government.

So if Imran is to be believed, the will of the people of Pakistan has been assassinated. We have been robbed. If it happened last May, it will happen always unless someone stops it.

As I see people at his rallies, in their eyes I can see the same dreams, the same hopes that I saw last May. They are braver than I am. They are willing to stand up for their rights.

For me important is that given so many challenges, the government is allowed to continue governance but then if this government is not the one that we voted for, then why are they governing us? Why are we letting this happen?

Democracy must be preserved but is democracy not about what people want, or is it about what a small group of politicians want.

Who is manifestation of true democracy – the Parliament and Prime Minister or the thousands of Pakistanis protesting?

I do not know!

Are they right in protesting? If they are able to bring the government down, it will become a trend setter? Will it or will it become a lesson for anyone daring to rob Pakistan of the will of its people?

I do not know!

I also do not know why I think that something somewhere is changing, the Prime Minister may not resign, Imran Khan may never become the Prime Minister of Pakistan but rigging any elections in the future will be a task not easily executed.

Imran Khan has thousand imperfections but he has done one thing perfectly…… made people of Pakistan realise democracy is of the people and must be fought for by the people.

Whether our democracy ever is for the people…..maybe soon, maybe never …I do not know!

Dear IK

Dear IK,


Great to see you hale and hearty.

Just like you holding the much awaited World Cup trophy is an unforgettable moment in my album of memories, so will be your fall.

You lifting the trophy lifted the pride of a nation. You falling and the subsequent scenes brought people to their knees praying hard for your life.

As I watched those scenes unfold. Memories of another day came flooding. Of that fateful day in December, when your ex-class fellow dressed in blue, her face glowing with maybe anticipation of a national victory, had waved and then disappeared forever.

No one would ever know what went through her mind as the bullet pierced through her mind.

For a minute I had thought history was repeating itself. I was never an ardent supporter of Benazir Bhutto. On that cold foggy December evening, she still made me cry as helplessly as you did on that hot May evening.

I had cried for despite her shortcomings, she was a hope just like you are. She commanded respect nationally and internationally just like you do. She loved energising the crowd just like you do. She was as comfortable in London as much as you seem to be yet you both seem perfectly pleased at a jalsa in Kasur. English or Urdu, she loved the mike, so do you. When I see you expressing impatiently passionately your views on several talk shows. I try to visualise you and her on a talk show together. Would have been a contest of like. Who would have won? Maybe she, maybe you. She was a born politician, you have been a politician by choice.

Both of you could have opted for a comfortable life in London. Both of you did not for your people I guess.

She never got my vote. You did. She could not inspire me to stand in the lane and exercise my voting right. You did.

At times I think I would have voted for her. I was probably influenced by my elders but for you I voted against the wishes of my elders.

She disappointed me as a Prime Minister. She had every opportunity to make Pakistan a peaceful powerful country. Onerous challenges were there but then BB was a resolute resilient woman. A woman who saw her family perishing, best years of her life spent in exiles and prisons. BB knew how to triumph adversity and adversary.

She just failed Pakistan.

I hope and pray you do not. I know the task is overwhelmingly herculean but everything you have done in life would have been impossible for many Pakistanis. But then not many Pakistanis have the power and profile to change Pakistan.

Just like you, millions of Pakistanis will consider the elections rigged. Day after the election, had seen many tearful eyes. I had wept. But we have to accept it as another unfortunate episode in the history of Pakistan and focus on Pakistan. Your turn will come inshaAllah.

As a sportsman you believed in victory despite biased umpiring. Your positive attitude resulted in victories at places considered impossible because of highly favoured umpiring.

Election victory can be yours despite rigging. Just work hard to have a large majority convinced with your dedication. Focus on the task at hand. At winning the game. The field is set for the captain to lead.

From you, only perfection is accepted. You cannot make a mistake for ideals do not err.

Everytime I read of a jailbreak, of a helicopter used for personal reasons, of a Minister not behaving responsibly. I question whether I voted right. Whether I should have put my trust in you.

Well you may say humans do err. Yes humans do, super humans do not.

Naya Pakistan has to be different to the current Pakistan. Priority has to safety of people, well being of Pakistan. Human life has to be valued. Those whom we have voted into power, have to bring in economic and social stability. They cannot enjoy unnecessary luxuries and not be  accountable to the voters.

Well, your ministers might say, when others enjoy why can we not at times.

They cannot for they like you have got votes on the promise of Naya Pakistan. If they desired status quo, they need not have been part of your dream.

Am I not right? When natural or human misfortunes occur, should they not be in the field doing what you used to excel at in the sporting field- LEADERSHIP.

You got my vote. You have my support but only on the condition that you will not rob me of the hope that dreams do come true. That honesty, responsibility and integrity are traits of national leaders. That leaders forgive and forget in genuine national interest.

I do not want to be disillusioned and cry and weep on shrines.

I want to be a proud Pakistani. Just like SKMTH unleash a sense of overwhelming joy, I want Pakistan to do so.

You are my only HOPE! Have been for years. Voted for hope. Will vote again only if that hope becomes a reality!

IK, I know you can do it so just do it!

Wishing you a very happy Eid!

A sincere voter