Career Development with Bootstrapping Your Career

Finding a job, finding a new job, career development, promotions – these are real life issues faced by most of us during our working career. There no formal and effective career counselling at any level in Pakistan as well as in other parts of South Asia, the need to some practice advice remains!

With this in mind, one of my best friends Hammad Siddiqui took initiative and wrote a wonderful book on this subject titled “Bootstrapping Your Career” – This is a transformational book indeed. Simple language, fascinating examples and hilarious illustrations are combined with thoughtful insights to the science of career development. Hammad has been blogging on the subject for quite some time and he volunteers in public speaking events on this subject. Recently, he started Career Discussions with small groups. Now that I call real community service, Kudos Hammad!

I was amazed to see some examples from ACCA community. The realization that those studying ACCA must also consider opportunities beyond just Accounting is now augmented. One must look at wider opportunities available in the job market, thinking ahead and thinking beyond helps!

Hammad Siddiqui book is a must read for anyone ambitious to have a career or take the career to dazzling heights.

It is an absolutely essential read for young men and women looking for their first real job. Employers these days have reservations about interviewees CVs, interview handling skills especially their emotional intelligence and having a well rounded multi dimensional conversation. Hammad very aptly and willingly like a sincere mentor has given guidance points that if understood could help anyone get through any rigorous recruitment process. Hammad is an inspirational social media advocate. One of those who very willingly share experiences and success factors. He had done the same in the book. In all, delightful exhilarating experience reading the book.

Counting days for the next one which should be your autobiography for you are a role model for the young wanting to do something for people of Pakistan. Good luck!

Book can be purchased online from here


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