Boys at Mall Road

I had reached a conclusion some time back that our youth in general are aimless, without direction and bored. Thus recently at the Mall Road Murree as I saw boys indulging in shameful activities, I disdained them.  Embarrassed I looked away towards my family -uncles, aunts, cousins, their spouses, nieces, nephews and my parents and then the penny dropped!

Here I stood surrounded by a highly educated family where there were always people to tell me tales of their journeys, of inspiring experiences at work and universities, of personalities who have invented enterprises and empires, of books that nurtured dreams, of movies that generated aspirations. There was always a shoulder to cry on and a pat on the back urging to go on and hunt for more dreams. Flexible but essential discipline, the sense of right and wrong, human respect-I learnt observing my elders. There were never any barriers only values.

My family is my greatest asset. For the boys on Mall Road were their families an asset or a liability? Did they appreciate their values or abhorred them? Could they relate to their families conversations, expectations and matters? Were they at Mall Road because they were running away from their families and aiming for a complete disconnect with them? Probably yes.

The challenges of coming from a family where education is an exception not a norm must be onerous. Managing the complexes, conflicts and self limiting beliefs must be overwhelming. Frustrations may come out in shameful acts like the ones on display at Mall Road.

But who is to be blamed for their shameful acts, for gifted youth going waste – ME or the boys? Blessed with all the capabilities to positively change the lives of these boys but selfishly only changing my life, I needed to be blamed and disdained for not only my inaction but for being judgmental.

In the moment of self discovery I looked around myself- how can I positively excite the boys, utilize their energies? Murree desperately needed a clean-up, should I motivate them to do that? In eagerness I took a step but a dinner, family video and family talk awaited me – some other day someone else better than me will certainly do it!



Its very interesting phenomenon in our country, that for quite a few this ‘mall road’ at murree leads to the National Assembly in the capital. May be a clean up in murree will eventually help us disinfect our assemblies.

Well written blogs Afra, keep it up!

i enjoyed your commentary. we need night clubs, discos and the like, they can be dry because our youth are already plastered!

Thats a great news. Dr Afra to see you as a blogger – what a joining on social media – great work!

Your blog post on the boys at Mall road is good. I am of the view that those boys should also be asked what do they think when they indulge in such activities? Is there lack of education or are they themselves not sure of what they want out of these activities?

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Malik Mirza

Great observation and well written Afra.I blame our teachers who failed in character building of the Nation.Teachers are parents who give values,National Heros who influence,schools that instill decipline,leader who are the best roll models, a system that obsorbs the youth and gives them opportunites.
A sad situation.
Ismat Wazir.

first of all afra a really good observation!!!
but the thing v need to do,is to motivate our youth.They dont know that in which direction they are moving.They dont know that the path they are moving on has any limits or not.So cleaning is not da solution,the solution lies in Chracter Building and Personality Developement.

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