Am I right?

Do not know why, but the man at the Pizza Place was angry. In anger did not want to eat anything. Was bent upon forcing his family not to eat too but they were eating except his better half who in the end also gave in to her appetite.

Was the better half right in eating?

The woman at the resort did not want to pay a tourist rate and was blowing hot and only hot. The manager who had applaud worthy guts was holding fire. She eventually got a 10% discount but did not seem happy with it. Whenever I saw her she was finding excuses to get angry.

She spoiled her holiday?

At the airport the family had massive excess baggage. They were not happy paying money and had thrown a tantrum.

Were they right in doing so?

I do not think but I know I am wrong.

You must get angry if someone by mistake spills coffee on you. You must get angry if the traffic warden stops you. You must argue if a motorcyclist scratches your car. You must be harsh if house help breaks a plate or glass. You must be angry if the teacher punishes your child for disrupting the entire class.

Yes you should get very angry-lose your nerves-lose your senses-lose your voice because you need to show your superiority. What if the victim of your wrath is right – does not matter-you are always right!

How come the traffic warden stop you- you did break the traffic law-but how dare the down trodden warden reprimand you-the master of the Earth.

So you get angry with the warden. The poor soul may or may not give in but your sense of superiority will remain intact.

You will spend your day in tranquillity. You have humiliated someone. You will have a blissful sleep. Your energies will drive you to new heights. Your cheerfulness will be infectious.

Unfortunately when I get angry I do not feel elated. I regret shouting. I could have got my point across by remaining calm and composed but I had no point. I had to shout because I was wrong but did not want to confess.

But I am an ordinary person who is not right at times. People who get angry and have no remorse are exceptional people who are always right-world is full of them.

So they must be right. I at times however think I am right! What do you say?


Yes sometimes, in fact most of the times anger ruins our whole day.. It comes because of a single person or event but we pass that to all just because we dont accept our own mistake.

A very interesting thought to provoke introspection. But tell me what to do, when I drive my 2009 CIVIC with a single digit Islamabad number plate, I have never been stopped, primarily because I observe and respect the law. But then when the same me drives a 2012 Mehran with a Peshawer Number I am stopped at every nook and corner and police check post. Am I to laugh, cry or get angry??????

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