About Me

I am an infrequent blogger. I blog when I am inspired to blog. My blogs are reactions to incidents. My blogs are narration of engagements with people who have seen their world collapsing and yet chose to live with hope. They are tribute to human spirit that refuses to succumb to discrimination, destruction, death and devastation.

I have been blogging for almost six years. I took a break last year. I ran out of inspiration. A charity hospital approached me to write a blog which I did. Then I had a conversation with a taxi driver in the aftermath of Manchester bombing. I decided to blog, to share inspiration that I feel talking to people determined to live a normal life.

I am trying to write a novel Smiles of Sorrows. It will not be on the bookshelves in the near future. It needs dedication that is hard to find when I have a full time job that needs dedication too.

I live in London when I am not travelling the world. I am originally from Pakistan. I have a PhD in Financial Reporting but am not an academic. My favourite hobby is talking to people.

I hope you enjoy my blogs.