Journey of recognition!

  • April 7, 2014
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Today I again did let her down. Today again she had to defend me!

Today again because of me she had people staring at her!

Till when will I continue to create moments of embarrassment for her.

It was not always like this.

Many years back, when she was a teenager. I was her pride, to reflect, a pride unknown and unexplored.

She wad a non-entity, a young girl with dreams many in eyes. She had me on her side to take her to destinations unknown.

As she pursued dreams, I was her partner. Wherever she went, I went. I opened the doors for her.

I still recall once in the freezing cold weather of Europe we became separated. Till we were not one, none of us were at peace. I cannot forget her beaming face when she saw me. I vowed that day never to leave her alone.

So I have not left her alone. Over the years, as she had ventured into newer paths, I have remained loyal to her.

She had remained loyal to me too even though the loyalty has been tested!

Over the years, I have seen her change a bit. She very proudly used to show me around. Recently I have seen a bit of reluctance. Sometimes I feel she does not want to own me but has no choice. Till death do us apart, we are one!

Do I blame her?

How does she feel? I want to ask her but am afraid to do so. She always has a smile.

She protects me more than she takes care of herself . Not even once have I heard a hard word about me.

Yet there must be moments of dismay but then may be there are none. Maybe just like the land she loves the most, she loves me too.

I was supposed to be her pride, yet I have not been!

If I could tell her, how proud I am of her. I was to be her identity, In fact she has gone on to be one.

Do forgive me…do forgive your passport!

My dear passport, you are forgiven. Yes I have moments of despair not because of you but my helplessness to change the realities of the land who is your identity. I love you loads for without you, the world would have been impossible to explore.

Together we will make the world value us! Together we will make this land as green as the colour of your cover!

Till then let us together continue our journey of recognition!