Why have I been unable to look at newspapers or watch TV for the last few days?

Of all the people, I who have seen blood in abundance, who have witnessed bombs and bullet infested dead bodies in plenty.

I, for whom, watching scenes of weeping wives, wailing mothers, sobbing sisters and mourning daughters have become a part of life.

I who has seen hundreds of grieving fathers, helpless husbands, bewildered brothers and sniffing sons carry bodies of their beloved.

Why could I not see similar scenes in the last few days? Was it because it was another country?

Maybe yes.

Why?  I live in a country where if a bomb blast does not pierce our TV screens in form of breaking news for a few days, we start getting flustered.

Even days of peace do not give us peace of mind for we fear in store is a deadly disaster!

I have tried hard but cannot recall when bombs and deaths were not part of our lives.

Yet we live! People are surprised by the normal life that we live.

But there is nothing to be surprised. When our dear ones leave us, we mourn but in mourning, our faith gives us amazing strength. Their memories never leave us. They remain part of our lives but we live, we smile, we eat, we work, we rejoice. It is not that life goes on. Life is not the same but you know that the dears departed would not have liked you to live a life as a living dead. So you live on!

It is the same with many Pakistanis. Our country is not what it used to be when we were children. But it is our country and in the memory of days gone and in the hope that one day, it will be a country better than even the country of our childhood, we live on.

Living at times is agonizing. As a child when I watched news of killings and wars in other parts of the world, I used to pray that my country never becomes one of them. When I used to see scenes of children bleeding, I used to pray that children of my country never have to fear a bullet.

I used to wonder how people lived in such violence invaded countries.

I no longer wonder.

They lived just like we do. We have built a China Wall between us and realities.

Sate of our dear country moves us to tears for minutes but then we have to move on. We have to smile for smile is associated with courage and bravery.

We have sleepless nights but we must sleep for in sleep the realities are defeated by dreams.

We have to work hard! We have to be more right than even what the word right means.

We have to go extra miles to prove our professionalism, our honesty, to still have an identity not as a country of bombers but as a country of people who are to be respected for their resilience, for defeating disaster, for living life as if nothing has happened!

It is not easy but we expect no mercy, only understanding that among us are people who will work very hard to make this a country a land of realized potential.

Till that day scenes of bloodshed are to be witnessed to keep the passion of performance burning!