Tools not Masters!

There is always the possibility of beauty where there is an unsealed human eye; of music where there is an unstopped human ear; and of inspiration where there is a receptive human spirit. (Charles Henry Parkhurst)

As I leisurely read a book on IPad sipping green tea in a busy cafe, my eyes caught glance of a graceful lady picking up a scone with her glove covered hand, putting it in a plate. Then opening the oven, placing the plate in the oven. Then turning around with a musical speed. Picking two bowls, placing jam and cream in each. Majestically positioning everything in a tray, carried it all with mystical grace.

I was transfixed …. my eyes followed her. Memories of an opera seen many years back came rushing.

Those were the days when I had wings. When my eyes had a shine emanating from a keen desire to appreciate everything and everyone around me.

When walking thorough a park, on the road, driving in the car, eating in a restaurant, shopping anywhere I would stop to chat with an adorable kid. Compliment the kid. Admire old couples for the years of patient sincere love. Fondly smile at young couples building dreams and lives. When out of analysis of body languages, I would weave stories to entertain family and friends. When my novel was in full swing.

Gone are those days. I have cut my wings. I have blinded my eyes. My novel suffers stagnation.

I have no stories, beauty of things and people around me have deserted me or maybe I have betrayed them. Conversations do not cross my paths.

But I have a few companions who keep me busy with sound and fury.

With them in my hands, the world is on my fingertips. If I lose them for a second, my world crashes. I still communicate with thousands but all I get back is noise! I do not lose way anymore,thus need not ask a human for a way. On long haul flights, I no longer feel urge to chat for I have numerous podcasts drumming in my ears.

But as I saw the Musical Scones Lady, my companions lost their irresistible hold over me.

And I regained my sight..well to the extent that I could see that there were people around me who had the same companions as me.

Namely smartphone and tablet but not as life-lines but as life-enhancers.

As tools not as masters.

They had them on their sides or in their bags thus could chat, could connect.

I looked at my companions with disdain. What have you done to me, why have you wrecked my life?

They whispered ….. we came in your life as tools not masters but you made us rulers of your life. You wrecked your life not us.

Why blame us! Go have a life… enjoy us some of the times and enjoy the beauty of interactions, smiles, innocence, nature most of the times. Use us to capture those moments or seek those moments for we are tools not masters!

Are you also thinking….tools not masters!