Committee party chat

She is an absolute menace.

Mine is a magician.

Mine is a social butterfly.

Mine loves to seduce.

Mine breaks homes.

Mine adds to my sins.

Why did we have to bring them into our lives?

I did not, my son did.

I did not, my mother in law imposed her on us.

Well I brought her to wreck my life myself. Since that day have not even had a momentarily relief.

Ever since her footsteps are all over my house, I cannot sleep due to the noise of her heels.

I have started cleaning my hairbrush hourly for she is on lookout for my hair. She does magic, you see.

I have a highly educated one but completely oblivious to status and style. She turns up at weddings in cotton suit and slippers.

Mine is exact opposite. For every event, a new designer dress and a new set of jewels.

Mine has to rush to Dubai every four weeks to buy her make up.

Mine has a way to win the heart through stomach. Courtesy these irritating cooking shows and packet spices, cooks such food that even my husband cannot stop raving about it.

Mine has her ways. Milk at bed time. Should I press your feet? Pretending to enjoy stories of youth gone by. Even my mother in law, who never had any love lost for me is madly in love with her. She is manipulating, is doing all this to deprive me of share in property.

Mine just does not get out of her room. Wonder what she does in her room?

I am sure plotting against you with family and friends.

I remember my time as a daughter in law.

So do we.

How obedient and respectful we were. Whatever the mother in law ordered, would be the last word. To make a place in the in-laws house and heart, forgot our own peace of mind.

Never did my mother in law like me. Always had a grudge against me.

So did ours.

I was so young. Had left my house and family, just wanted a bit of love and respect.

So did we.

But you see for my mother in law, sharing her son was very difficult. To date I think she thinks of me as a rival.

So do ours.

I could not have been as dear to her as her daughter, but a bit of consideration and appreciation would have made me happy.

You are right.

At times I think, is my daughter in law also  in a position similar to me…. maybe yes, maybe not but I just cannot like her.

For she is a daughter in law.