I cannot vote

I cannot vote.

But why can you not?

I simply cannot convince myself to vote.

But if you do not vote, how can you curse or condemn or comment on the policies of
the rulers of tomorrow.

Well, you are going to vote for PTI?

Yes I am.

You believe Imran Khan stands for change.

Yes I do passionately definitely.

You hope tomorrow in power, he will make Pakistan a peaceful, progressive and
prosperous nation.

Yes I do even though there are challenges.

Of course there are challenges. This is not the Pakistan of eighties. Bomb blasts
may blast our TV screens every hour. They do not blast our souls for a second even.

You are right. Remember in our childhood when Ojhri Camp happened. For days and
weeks we mourned. We felt shattered, terribly saddened at the loss of lives.

Yes remember if there was news of robbery, we would be scared the whole night.

Oh yes, now robbers roam around now and we go on with our lives.

Remember in school when the price of Pepsi went up by 50p, mom was so angry with the

Now she has got used to the price hike, does not complain.

You used to call the electricity grid if there was no electricity for 5 minute.

Now I live without electricity for hours on end. The grid uncle was so patient. If I
did not call sometime, he would call to inquire if all was fine. Now grid does not
pick my phone.

Those were the days. Remember when Benazir came to Pakistan.

Oh yes. The momentous reception. The thundering Bibi.

The dreams she invoked.

Remember her oath taking ceremony. She looked so determined to achieve prominence
for Pakistan.

Yes she was. You know I always voted for her.

Did you? So unlike me you have voted in elections.

Yes I have for she in my eyes was change.

She a feudal, a change!

Why do you believe Imran is the change.

What a stupid question is this? He promises justice for all, peace for all,
education and health for all. He would be Pakistan’s reliable representative at
international forums. An Oxford graduate, a born winner! What else……

Was Benazir not all this and in much favourable circumstances? Had she wanted, could
she have not changed this country years back.

But she could not have done it. People around her were not sincere to the country.

She was Benazir Bhutto: a woman of substance who had every chance to bring the
change you so passionately desire Imran Khan will bring.

She did not have the time.

She had it. She betrayed me. She betrayed you but I cannot betray her.

But she is no more. Why have grudge against her?

Why not have grudge against het? If Imran tomorrow deprives you of your hope, your
confidence in him, forgets his promises, aggravates national decay and chaos how
will you feel?


Will you vote for him?

No not at all.

Will you vote for someone else?

Trust is like the soul, once gone is gone forever.

So you will not vote.

If Imran betrays my trust, do not think will ever be able to have trust in anyone
else. Will never vote.

Wish he lives up to your trust. Wish you never feel betrayed.

But why will you not vote for him.

I had trusted Bibi as much as you are trusting Imran. She betrayed me but I cannot
betray her.