Warm Car

Cold weather is gripping. 

It induces thoughts you want to brush aside.

Days are grey begging for thoughts to be analysed black and white.

As freezing wind hit my face I froze for a minute. Seemed completely helpless. I wanted to walk ahead but the strong wind would not let me.

I was helpless!

As helpless as the mother who has no food to feed her hungry children.

As helpless as the mother who has no money to get medicines for a fever inflicted child.

As helpless as the mother who dreams of a better life for her dear ones but has to send the dear ones to work as house helps.

Helplessness when pushed to extreme is fearless. Loss of fear empowers one with reckless strength, something which can be lethal.

As the freezing wind pushed me back, for few minutes I was defeated but I had important tasks to attend to. I could not be defeated. I had to push back and when the wind appeared determined to thwart my plans I became fearless. Not even the fear of injury or harm could deter me from pushing back and I pushed back hard fearless.

Still not as fearless as a mother who can see death threatening to take away her child and she having no means to prevent it. At that juncture she can beg, borrow, steal, kill. Do anything.

Will it be right?

No many would exclaim.

But is it right to spend millions on a wedding dress that is worn only for few hours?

Is it right to spend billions on a house that lasts only a life time and then may become a source of strife and discord among siblings?

Is it right to spend thousands on a hand bag or pair of shoes?

There is no right or wrong answer. Many would say yes, many would say no.

Many would say if they spend thousands on charity then they can spend millions on weddings.

Grey winter days beg for black and white answers which I have none.

I am part of a society that cannot even be moved by deaths in abundance shown on TV screens in their lounges. We have become immune to suffering.

Till we do not suffer ourselves others suffering do not move us.

As freezing wind pierces my mind and body, a resolution emerges of helping helpless mothers and starving children.

My phone rings. It is my friend telling me she is round the corner in a warm car ready to take me shopping. I rush to sit in the warm car super delighted to go shopping and eating in the Mall!