No Bag!

Rushed out of the plane. Sprinted to the conveyor belt. My bag had a priority tag. Only because I had begged the PIA check in man to put one. Did not want to miss another connecting flight at the Karachi airport.

With my eyes fixed on the watch and glued to the belt, my lips uttering prayers, I waited and waited. Every gone minute was bringing closer the eventuality of a missed flight.

My pleas for help were unheard!

The belt stopped and I could feel my tears rushing out and my legs giving in to tension resulting in me collapsing.

But this could not be done.

It was time for action.

I jumped towards baggage handling office.

It was unmanned but I needed a man to speak to.

Looked around and found a man in the next room.

Narrated my story.

He remained motionless.

I thought he had not understood.

So I started writing story of my lethal damage.

I was losing my senses.

But I had a flight to catch.

He remained indifferent.

Eventually I started crying. That is when I saw some action.

He opened his mouth only to proclaim doom destination.

If I did not get my bag, I will get it by next flight.

Which is at what time.

I do not know.

I have my connecting flight at 520. I cannot miss it.

I cannot help.

What do you mean.

We will send you the bag.


I do not know.

Ok can I make a complaint?

Complaint no you can file a report.

Ok give me paper.

Filed the report, opted to keep the bag in Lahore.

Having signed my doom report, gathered courage to make way to international departure.

I wanted to be angry, to throw a tantrum but maybe I am too tired to even raise a voice when I should.

My mind was too tired to calculate what next to do.

Pulled myself together when the man at international departure asked for my passport.

Showed him walked in.

Customs caretakers mocked my clueless state. They were curious about my traveling light reasons, when told, reacted laughing merrily!

Immune to every degradation, I walked on to Air Lanka counter.

As soon as I entered the check in line, the supervisor walked towards me.

Very politely queried if I had lost my luggage.

I nodded.

Are you going for business meetings?

I nodded frantically.

How will you manage?

I do not know.

We can get you the bag.

Hmmmm……what I mean how?

If PIA can hand it over to us today, you will have your bag tomorrow.

But I told them to keep it in Lahore.

Not a problem. I will sort it out for you. Give me the report.

I hesitated for a second. Should I trust him?

Had no option.

Within 5 minutes he returned with a promise of a bag the next day!