First Class

On my way to my Economy Class seat passed by the spectacularly lavish First Class and the blissfully blessed Business Class.

The First Class was technologically state of art and leisurely a masterpiece. Equipped with a Spa, shower, workstation and am sure fantastic selection of food and movies, anyone enjoying first class would have a forever memorable experience.

The business class was definitely spacious even though a bit strange. Everyone sat in a silo- kind of! Not very conducive to chatting face to face but hardly matters in the times that we live in. Everyone has technology as company.

By the time I got to my economy class seat, I was tempted scheming as to how one day I could forever become a first class traveller.

Well I would need loads of money. How do I get so much money.

I decided to read Financial Times to find out which shares got best investments. As I read through FT, it was full of stories of greed triumphing over morality leading to personal and organisational ruins.

First class was forgotten. Started prognosis of greed. What compels a person to cross the line from white to black?

Is it First Class?

Maybe yes!

Maybe there is a moment when you fall to temptations that may have accumulated over a period of time. At times hard life, at time the pursuit of excesses of riches, at times rivalry, envy or at times simply that one moment when the desire to have all triumphs over everything else cherished including reputation and honour.

But is life full of temptations for all. Then why do few fall prey to and few do not. Why some can pass through first class and not even desire it while some desire it but do not stake all for it and some do it.

Is it difference of DNA, value systems, education, upbringing, exposure, ethics or spirituality. Or maybe nothing of this except a momentarily lapse of rational thinking.

Life is not simple for people of today. Media makes rich glamorous. Aspirations for luxuries may have always existed but the attitude to embrace unethical means to achieve them may not have been so rampant.

Is ambition unethical?  Steve Jobs ambition resulted in radically transforming life styles. Lance Armstrong ambition on the other hand resulted in radically denting trust in athletic excellence appreciation.

Why one ambition is applauded- the other cursed?

Maybe both desired fame and riches but one in achieving it wanted change for all and one for only oneself. Maybe when oneself becomes all important that the boundary between white and black becomes blurred.

Do not know.

As I pondered, the tiredness of the very busy day overcame my thoughts inducing a peaceful sleep disturbed slightly by call for food which I had no desire for.

As the plane landed, due to a jolt got up.

The quality of the sleep was the same as first class!