What to blog: you tell me?

Yes I have not blogged for a long time.

It is not that there is nothing to blog on. It is just that there is so much to write that I struggle to make a decision as what to write.

To share with you my dilemma. Visited the new Mall in Karachi. Was thrilled. Many of my favourite brands on display. A mall that comes somewhat close to matching many Malls in Dubai. The food hall pleased me with the resemblance to the food halls in the Malls in the States. Yes, we were developing and  I will blog on it

As I sipped the coffee in the Cafe, my half dead conscience temporarily came out of its coma to torment me with the thought that in the price of a cup of coffee many people in Pakistan could have a number of square meals- a rarity for most of them. The much cherished aroma of coffee was gone. The coffee appeared unbearably bitter as my thoughts turned to the prices of items on display and then to the plight of a woman who had become a heart patient after her daughter committed suicide due to the parents inability to get her married due to financial difficulties.

Should I write on my absolute pleasure at being able to buy popular brands or my displeasure at the suffering of the woman?

Watching Clinton and Obhama speak at the Democratic Convention, my instinct was to write about their spectacular rise from humble backgrounds to glory only known to few. I clapped not at what they said but at their heart warming spirited story.

As I sat down to write a blog, my thoughts got distracted. Even if the son or daughter of a rickshaw driver has the spirit, the ambition, the talent, the merit to be the President of this country, will our society, will we, will I let him be one? NO is the answer.

So should I write about a dream, the mere thought of pursuing which is an unforgivable crime in this country or should I write about what is it to be done so that this dream is nurtured and supported by us.

Help me!

There are many success stories of Pakistani entrepreneurs and role models. I very much want to write about them but whenever sit down to do a research on them
come across such comments made by our own people on their character, achievements, successes that the maliciously inappropriately irrationally worded comments make me pick up my keyboard to educate our people on being happy for others and tolerant of others.

At times have tried to do so too but the ridiculous snubs have left me dejected.

Should I continue to blog? If so why? What difference does it make? I read somewhere the silence of a few good people is sufficient for the decay of a society.

Thus write I should but on what to blog: you tell me?