• July 28, 2012
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 The clock ticks.

Will it, will it not?

To anguish if it does, to celebrate if it does not!

5 minutes have passed.

We are still blessed. Prayers and gratitude expressed for the mercy shown.

Another minute passes.

It is gone. Prayers and gratitude turn into curse and condemnation.

Ramadan 2012 will be remembered for the hide and seek that electricity continues to play with the people of urban areas of Pakistan. In rural areas, it will be remembered as the month when electricity was an occasional visitor.

Collectively Pakistanis flashback of Ramadan 2012 would be LOADSHEDDING. Just like flashback of RAMADAN 2005 is EARTHQUAKE or the flashback of Ramadan 2010 is FLOOD VICTIMS REHABILITATION.

Earthquake and floods were marked by incredible national unity and overwhelming scenes of spirit of sacrifice. Both were natural catastrophes. The miseries of the victims distressed. Allah however gave them miraculous strength and us astonishing fortitude.

Despite the enormity of the devastation, we as nation not even for a second gave up hope. We came together to achieve which now appears as a dream!  We, the ordinary people together built lives and villages!

Ramadan 2012 is different. The nation seems helpless in the face of extraordinary power cuts. Not everyone is blessed with a generator or a UPS.

Twice or thrice when our UPS has given in, sleeping has become impossibility.

Trying to sleep and unable to sleep, there have been moments when I have cried over my helplessness. Floods and earthquakes, I had felt empowered to do something.

Human inflicted disaster called load-shedding has left me completely wrecked.

I just cannot do anything. I cannot even think of a solution. At the end of the tunnel there is only darkness.

Day after day, the situation worsens and all I can do is pray.

The prayers however are few and far between. Most of the time the UPS ensures uninterrupted electricity supply.

With electricity in my home, I need not worry about anyone else. As long as I can sleep and blog – do I need to care what is happening to my country?

Is it a tablet?

Have a tablet.

But I do not need one.

What everyone is aiming for a tablet.

But not me. I am fine.

Everyone else is fine too but wants a tablet.

Maybe they need it but I am fine.

You will be great, brilliant if you have a tablet.

But I am already great.

The world will be at your feet.

It already is.

Reading will become an extra special experience.

But it already is. How will taking a tablet change it?

You will have thousands of books with a click.

But tablet and thousands of books – what is the relationship?

Alright friend, forget books just have a tablet for a change.

But I am fine without a change.

Ok have tablet to have a painless experience of getting a hand on to better cooking tips. Your husband will love you for it!

My husband already loves me. Cooking is not that much of a painful experience that I have to take a tablet.

Ok friend, you want your children to grow up as better human beings.

Yes of course.

You want to know how to do it painlessly.


Take a tablet, it will open your mind to a whole new world of ideas on child upbringing that produces future Steve Jobs!

My mind is already opened, do not need a tablet.

My friend, you are proving to be a hard nut to crack today.

Dear friend, you are not being your normal rational self today.

I am your well-wisher.

A well-wisher does not force a tablet when it is not needed.

I have been worried for your health.

My health!

You miss not being in touch with people as much as you used to be when you worked.

Yes but how can a tablet help.

With a tablet you can be in touch with millions of people around the world, you can write, inspire, excite just like you did in your previous job.

Will a tablet help me do so?

Yes definitely my dearest friend!

Which one?

Your choice! You have to pay for it.

My choice- money that should not be an issue, pain killers are cheap.

Pain killers!

You said I need a tablet.

But I did not say a pain killer!

So what is it then – some new tablet? Tell me please!

Tablet….I mean Samsung Tablet or an I Pad!

What….is I Pad a tablet?

Yes it is.

Since when for I have one and it does not ease my pain as well as Rs. 5 Ponstan does.

Dr Afra Sajjad
Regional Head of Education MENASA ACCA

Praying for sanity

As a child, one of my many ambitions was to be a medical doctor. Hours were spent dreaming of being the superwoman performing the toughest surgery with success. Ghalib and Mir Taqi Mir intervention smashed the dreams. I hardly passed in Urdu. For days after the FSc result, life seemed as direction-less and aimless as the current plight of people in the face of doctor’s agitation.

I am an ordinary person. I do not understand politics or the complexities of the agitation.

I however do understand and feel human suffering. I do know that human loss is pre-destined but the mourners of the dear departed for years rationalise the death mainly trying to find where did they go wrong?

I recently lost my 91 year old grandfather.  He had lived a full life but not a day passes when one of us do not try to think of why he died. We know it was Allah’s will but seeking reasons for death is natural as it is to feel guilty for not doing something more for the dear departed.

When the near and dear ones of the victims of doctors agitation will seek reasons of their near ones deaths, on whose hands will they find the blood on?

The young children who lost their parents- as they grow up who will they blame for depriving them of unparalleled maternal or paternal love? The parents who lost their sons and daughters- as they age who will they hold responsible for snatching from them their old age source of support and strength?

Those who survive the trauma of doctors agitation by opting for private hospitals to save lives of their loved ones- as they pay the loans or spend a life without savings – who will they hold responsible for making their life a nightmare? Will the survivors ever forgive the doctors?

Those who may be alive but paralysed or in coma due to doctor’s unavailability-who is responsible for their infinite sufferings?

Who is responsible for doctor’s agitation?

I do not know. Truth has become blurred in the frenzy of emotions and allegations.

I do know however that the little girl who had hoped to be a doctor to save lives – shattering of her dream did not devastate her as much as the shattering of the virtues associated with the profession has.

Doctors are life saviours. How can they be considered anything else?

Why are they being considered anything else?

I do not know but I can pray for sanity to prevail. This is all I can do!