Say It!

Your silence is puzzling.

You are fabulously fantastically mesmerising beauty.

Five minutes with you are sufficient to conclude you can be the love of anyone’s life. You have the freshness of innocent beauty and the refined grace of ageless beauty.

Your silence is intriguing. While your lovers can sing praises of your beauty and confess their love for you – you fall short of  encouraging their love.

Yes- in your gentle restrained way you do show your appreciation of their fondness, you make them feel comfortable and cared for but there is a restraint.

A restraint I have tried to comprehend.

Have years of suffering drained your feelings? Are you still struggling to believe that good fortunes are smiling upon you? Are the wounds so deep that healing will take a long time?

Or is it caution?

But why exercise caution? You have achieved what many dream to achieve. You are an inspiration for others.

Having proved resilient you are destined to be world’s greatest beauty.

But do you not think you will only achieve it if you overcome your shyness, modesty, reservations to say to the world ” Yes – I am beautiful beyond your imagination. Yes- I am successful beyond your comprehension. Yes- I have challenges but they are insignificant compared to the challenges I have overcome. I need time to be the world’s greatest beauty but for now I am an untapped unexplored beauty with brains called Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka- I have only been here for a month. Every day I get more convinced you have the human talent, the geographical significance, the cultural collateral, the natural gifts and sophistication of mannerisms to be a great country economically, culturally and socially – physically you already are- you just need to believe in yourself and overcome reservations to tell the world the stories of your successes.

Your success has no ceiling but it will be accelerated by you sharing your success and dreams of further success thus inviting more success.

Please say it all Sri Lanka!