2012: Dream On

It is time to wrap up 2011. Time to move on to 2012. A change in figures makes you reflect over the hours gone by making you resolute to make the hours coming your way different.

Much happened in 2011. Steve Jobs died leaving me thinking if all the wealth in the world could not save him then why billions of people have made money their No.1 goal in life. Why do we drive ourselves crazy for money? Money is a must but is excessive money a must too?

Jobs death reaffirmed my firm belief in power of dreams. Jobs dream transformed the world of technology-no longer was technology a technical necessity- it is now status, style, stardom and social media emergence.

2011 was a year of dreams. Arabs shunned years of autocracy to usher Spring of Dreams. Materialisation of their dreams may take tormenting time but the blood ridden path to dreamy democracy – is it not far blissful than dreamless despairing autocracy?

2011 was also the year when at last political activity averse educated middle class of Pakistan shunned sitting on the fence thinking by getting enthused about Imran Khan’s dream of change. The fate of Khan’s lofty dreams is un-know but for now Khan’s dreams work as opium transforming many from the harsh realities of everyday life to an idealistic make belief world full of eternal peace and prosperity.

Anna Hazare charmed South Asians with his dream of saying no to corruption. His dreams face resistance and reservations but compelled many to dream of a corruption free society.

2011 saw my cherished dream of performing Haj come true. It was an opportunity for self reflection and personal accountability.

There were many questions that I tried to seek answers.

Am I really so busy that at times I do not have time for people who deserve my time – my family, my friends, old people, underprivileged people? In my daily conversations am I justified in back biting and gossiping? How many times have I hurt people through my casual remarks and cruel sense of humour? Am I biased – do I accept people as they are instead of how I would like them to be?  Am I patient and forgiving? Am I tolerant of others viewpoints and beliefs?

My resolution for 2012 is end of reflection and start of self reformation. Will I be able to achieve the reformation dream- the intention is there- and for achieving dreams intention is the first step.

What are your dreams for 2012?

Wishing you a joyous, peaceful, fulfilling 2012! =